Teas to improve triglycerides

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Ispagula bark tea

The bark of the ispagula plant contains properties that can lower blood cholesterol levels and control the amount of fat in the body.

It is not recommended for people with the following problems: constipation, inflammation of the intestine, such as: diverticulitis or Crohn's disease, for example. ... View more »

Holy grass tea

Capim santo is a plant rich in terpenes, flavonoids and phenolic compounds that provide antioxidant effect. Being able to improve digestion and treat stomach changes, since it has bacterial action and helps to relieve stomach pain due to its antispasmodic action;
Anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, treating headache, muscle, belly pain, rheumatism and muscle tension;
Protects heart health, as it helps regulate cholesterol;
You can regulate blood pressure;
It may have anti-cancer properties, since it is rich in antioxidants and, therefore, some studies indicate that it can slow the growth of fibrosarcomas and prevent metastases from lung cancer, for example;
It has diuretic properties, helping to eliminate excess fluid from the body. ... View more »

Fig leaf tea

Fig leaves contain high amounts of natural insulin, which is why their consumption reduces the need to inject the substance. It is an excellent natural remedy to treat those suffering from diabetes, triglycerides, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. ... View more »